We have an evolving line of skin care, pain & beauty products and digestive tonics. We do personalized products as well Please drop us a line if you have a special request. Please test the product for yourself and consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner. We make no claims about our product but do point to related research and we invite clients who are focused on taking charge in improving their own health.


Plant Based Topicals for Skin &

Pain Issues

We carefully choose each ingredient for its medicinal purpose and its cleanliness


Hemp Hydrosol Digestive Tonic

As Master Herbalists we put together custom healing packages for clients interested in a variety of products and protocols to assist differnt health challenges. Please inquire for a list of suggestions that we will send to you for tackling a specific health issue.

Breast & Lymph massage oil

with activated

*CBD* & organic hemp

Hydrosol and Skin Serum Combo


Contact us to inquire about our wholesale pricing.