How Long does it last? 
Our products are all with minimal use of chemical stabilizers...they are made with plant based ingredients. It is recommended to use them within a year.  It is important to store Gaia Gold at a stable room temperature so it doesn't melt or generate condensation via exposure to extreme heat. This can compromise the quality of the product by exposing it to microbial growth because of condensation. Keep it clean and at a stable temperature to get best use. If not in use, store in fridge
How does the Gaia Gold Lotions work? 
Gaia Gold is a new product line with six months of beta testing. It has had reported positive benefits for people treating skin irritation conditions such as psoriasis, eczema. In addition, it helps to restore the skin and so some people report improved skin conditions on the face and hands after using the product. Finally people dealing with stiffness and pain in the joints have benefited from our product. We don't offer guarantee but we encourage people to use Gaia Gold in the way they see fit and assess for oneself. By nature of our chemical free formula it has proven to be a safe formula for people so far. Always use your own discernment and caution as each body is unique.
Will I test positive for a drug test using this product?
Gaia Gold offers herbal plants and oils without any psychoactive effect. Small traces of active phyto--cannabinoids may show up as tiny amounts in your blood. Most times that quantity is negligible but be advised that we are not responsible for the results compliance with regulation allows you to use our formula with a doctor's prescription.
Disclaimer: Gaia Gold does not provide prescription or medical advice rather we provide research that corroborates with the effectiveness of our ingredients. Consult with a trusted health professional for your personal needs.
Where can you send it?
We  currently only ship within Canada.  Click here to place an order.
our products are used in conjunction with other powerful health knowledge to improve wellness at all levels.
How does hydrosol work?
Hydrosol is a unique distillation that captures all the finer oils of the plants as well as minerals and other nutrients. As a water based medicine it is easily absorbed by the body. It also alkalizes the body while it cleanses and dissolves obstructions in the digestive system. To find out more click here
What does  Gaia Gold CBD Breast massage formula do for health? 
This formula is a mix of activated oils, all of which have been studied and shown to improve breast health. The active essential oils are held in a base of hemp and castor which help transport them thought the skin. This product has not been studied by each ingredient has been studied itself to prevent or aid breast and lymphatic health issues.