Gaia Gold is passionate about bringing the love of herbalism, alchemy and holistic health into the creation of optimal products. Inspired by the likes of wild-crafters and herbalists, our products highlight the connection between us and the living planet. Along with traditional medicine, our line of products is aligned with scientific research to strengthen safety & effectiveness.

Bring highly effective health and beauty products to the people while supporting a vital network of organic growers and wild-crafters to supply top quality ingredients and...

Have a good time while doing it

We forage.

We grow.

We source ethically.

We discover.


We extract.



We work in partnership with several other people and businesses with similar visions. We are here to restore our planet and heal the people and we align our work with people doing the same.  Please check out these other high quality and high vibe companies that are our friends, supporters and allies in bringing the best to you and your family and the best to our planet....